a parade of pumpkin spice

As most of you know, pumpkin spice~ this “autumn flavor” of coziness and warmth and delight~ is one of my favorites. So at this time of year I rejoice! because food brands come out with their own limited edition varieties in this festive taste. This year I made it a goal to try some new pumpkin spiced things. It was an uncertain journey of fork-poke-daring to try some questionable wares… And some were indeed questionable… but most were actually quite delicious. (Surprise surprise!) So join me, dear readers, as I tell of my orange-dyed culinary questing and testing!


Still hearty squares of shredded wheat, these had on one side a layer of frosting that was an alarmingly bright color. But beyond the neon-pastel-orange, this cereal was quite delicious. I like mine with just a little milk, letting the cereal soak it up and get all soft, making for some particularly spiced bites. I give it 4/5 spoons.


These cookies seemed to have a double-stuffed amount of icing, which is too much for me. But the flavor was good with it’s addicting sweetness. I think I’d like it better in an Oreo Thins version. Score: 2/3 cookies.


I like oatmeal. Nothing says cozy like a steaming sweet treat. Mostly I enjoy your classic brown sugar or maple flavors… and sadly this one just didn’t measure up. It was alright, but I was underwhelmed. I’ll give it just under half a bowl.


These wheaty english muffins had little flavor bits scattered through, but there was only a tint of unique flavor. I liked it alright, toasted and buttered, but just kind of average. I’ll give it half an english muffin- but the half that steals all the soft inners of the other half (because these things never split properly…)


Ours didn’t look as pretty as the one on the can and they might’ve been left in the oven a bit too long… But I think I can still say that I this wasn’t amazing. Maybe if they’d made it more of a cream cheese frosting? (How can you say no to THAT idea?) I’ll go ahead and give it 7/10 sticky fingers.


I like Pepperidge Farm’s Swirl breads, but this one might be my new favorite. It smells CRAZY GOOD while toasting to a perfect “crisp on the outside, soft on the inside” because of the slice’s thickness. Delicious buttered… This one gets a full slice rating!


While picking up a box for a church event I was delighted to get to choose my own flavor- and of course I had to give their seasonal specialty a try! I chose the glazed. It was cakey thick, perfectly need-a-beverage-rich, and just a lovely treat! I also tried my mom’s frosted pumpkin spice donut, but that was just TOO sweet for me. The glazed is what gets a 13/12.


While the place is popular for a certain flavored latte, they sadly fall short on the scone making. I like their mini vanilla bean triangles, but this larger pumpkin variety just didn’t work. It wasn’t all that moist (okay, I’ll just say it: it was dry) and it was just too too sweet. Way too sweet. 1/3 stars.


After being just OVERWHELMED with sugar from the scone, this muffin was a much better experience. The set up is a little awkward, with a big clump of cream-cheese-sweetness in the middle (I would’ve preferred just an over the top frosting) but I did like the variety of textures and the heartiness that the nuts added. Also, this one WAS moist…. Yum. 4/5 pumpkin seeds.


Not completely obvious in it’s pumpkin flavor, this tea is still so yummy and makes a smoother trade off for the chai that I love. I’ve no complaints hear. Full cup with a splash of milk.


When my mom and I can across this sparking beverage in the grocery store, we eyed it with speculation. The label mentions “blend of spices… pumpkin juice”. “Like they drink in the Wizarding World!” I tried to be optimistic. *sigh* How foolish. Now, you may not think I’m a very good judge for this because I don’t drink carbonated things, but trust me when I say… This was awful. My mom and I popped the top (or unscrewed the lid…) and poured two small glasses, cringing at the aroma. It was… so bad. I don’t even know how to describe it. This one gets an empty bottle (and not because it was drank, but because it was poured down the kitchen sink.)


From one unique food to another, THIS one was actually a grand success. The popcorn is seasoned with generous (and well received) flavor and then drizzled with what seems to be white chocolate. Even though I have a strong annoyance with popcorn kernels poking my teeth and gums, I couldn’t help having this for dessert. I’d be curious about Boom Chicka Pop’s other flavors. This one, at least, seemed luxurious enough to even give as a holiday gift. It gets a Book Chicka Pop POW.

And so ends this parade of pumpkin spiced things. How you guys tried any of these- or found any other season delights? ^^

september 2016 favorites



This was my second time attending and I had a great time. Running Friday through Sunday, I only attended Saturday, but I spent ALL day, wandering the tables filled with fandom trinkets and printed art and crates of comics. There were some super skilled cosplayers to see, varying from Star Wars to comic to Disney characters. I also went to a LOT of panels. A couple similar to last year’s, featuring the same creatives and topics. Still, they were enjoyable and I sat listening, just trying to soak in all the energy and talent that surrounded me. There were also some new panels that I really liked. I thought Jessica von Braun was incredibly inspiring and encouraging, and it was neat hearing Spencer Wilding’s awesome stories from the acting jobs he’s had. Each year this convention gets bigger and I’m looking forward to seeing what next year’s will be like!



This month my cousin got married. And you know one of the best things about attending a wedding: there’s CAKE. Or cupcakes, in this case. There were all kinds of flavors to choose from, but I went with the classic. It was divine~



At the wedding there was also a popcorn bar where there were three different flavors of my grandma Donna’s specialty Stadium Popcorn: Cinnamon Bun, Popcorn Ball, and Pumpkin Spice. I was munching from a bag-full all through cocktail hour! So sweetly addictive!


“GOD DAY” by Jen Stanbro

I discovered this song at the closing of a podcast and just had to find it on itunes. With a cheerful ukulele (maybe?) sound and heart-prayer lyrics, this song has been my anthem, reminder, comfort, and uplift. It’s hard to find something that fits your struggling/seeking feelings while not getting you to sit deeper in the gloom, but instead encourages you to seek the Light. This little song does that for me.



The key word here is “new”. Not clearance, not thrift store. Living without a paycheck has kept my spending on a tight leash (more like locked up and thrown away the key…). When I do make purchases, it’s out of necessity or with frugalness. However I bought a blouse this month as a just-over-$20 splurge. It has butterflies. And a bow on the back collar. And I’ve moved past feeling guilty about it to just… enjoying the treat of it. I really like my new blouse.


I like word games. I like cute things. This app was made for me. I enjoy the boggle-type puzzle and find such childish glee whenever I earn a new bear character. Just look at the adorableness!



My prayer and Hope.

august 2016 favorites

favs 2016.08 jpeg


This month the grocery store’s sushi bar had an adorably fun display of Hello Kitty bento boxes and pink-paper covered wood chopsticks. It was too much for my mom and I to resist! But we couldn’t just get the lunch container, so we picked out a pack of freshly made vegetable sushi. Soft rice with crisp carrots and cucumber and creamy avocado… It was delicious! So delicious that this last shopping trip we got some sushi-seaweed to make our own at home. We’ll see how that goes…

Confession: I’ve never eaten raw sushi. It feels almost shameful considering my interest in Japan and Korea, but it’s true. My fear for my weak stomach has just been too great for me to agree to knowingly consuming uncooked fished. Maybe one day I’ll muster up the courage.


As a part of my renewed efforts for taking care of myself (stress, rest, and health wise) I’ve made it priority to get back to doing some yoga. These 20 minute sessions are great, ranging in intensity and area of focus. Some of the sessions have a pose guide, but I’ve never used/needed it. However, it’s there if you’re not familiar with the names- or the podcast also has a GREAT collection of video sessions. How neat is that?


To me, finishing a journal and moving on to the next is something akin to welcoming a new year. There’s a feeling of “clean slate”. Having filled my tenth journal, I was looking forward to moving onto book number eleven.

Smooth, line-less pages of just the right thickness to support light watercolor work… Inspired by many an artist before me, I’ve decided to illustrate my musings. Only just started, I can already tell how nice it is to have this pressure-free creative outlet.


(Errrrrg… I don’t know how I got the title wrong in the illustration, but there it is.)

Lindsey Stirling’s ever spectacular violin playing and Andrew McMahon’s lyrics, this song gets me right in the aching-longing-heart place. Something Wild’s calling…


Another asian treat that I’ve never experienced until this month! My mom and I have been eying the new drink place that moved into our mall (this year?) for a while and we finally got around to getting a beverage! Cafe Barnabas is a non-profit run by some very tea-obsessed, very friendly people- and my bubble tea was a sweet dream to sip. I ended up with an iced milky green tea with white chocolate and tapioca pearls. *So yummy!*


As you know, I’ve been going through this up-hill time of weariness and uncertainty. Feeling at a loss about a lot of things, this chapter is such a reminder of God’s presence and prevision. There are also some teaching words about not relying on or focusing on ourselves so much, but trusting in Christ who promises us so many good things… Just read it and find out what. ^^

convention is coming…!

I can’t believe it’s already almost time. Next month, one of the highlights of my year will have arrived! It’s my local comic-fandom-geekery convention-

TOPCON 2016!!!

As you know from my last post, I’ve been in a horrible slump (creatively, emotionally, physically…). It’s been rough, up-hill going. I’ve been struggling to adjust to my new circumstances and schedule (aka: no schedule…) I’ve been trying to find ways to not over-stress the trials, begging creative inspiration to not be so absent, and then seeking out what snippets of time I can find to work a little on weanling projects.

Needless to say, having something that’s just WONDERFUL! CAN’T-WAIT! EXCITING! to look forward to has been a much needed pick-me-up. And TopCon has been just that for me.

You might remember me mentioning the convention last year. I was attending such a gathering for the very first time, having no idea that I would fall for the event completely. I can still remember the energy, the welcoming, the joy that came with that day. And while I’m trying not to get myself too excited (for fear of it not measuring up to my memory) I have still allowed it’s coming to be something to brighten my prospects for Tomorrow.

However, I’ve also been impatient (ha!) and thus have been collecting an assortment of relating media to tide me over. Here are a few I’ve delighted in to keep my convention-longings at bay.

CONfidence: The Diary of a Teenage Girl  – By Paige Lavoie

This story is told through the main character’s (Barbara) diary entries and is about her finding place and friendship in the world of geek-dom. This book is actually set at comic conventions now and then and Paige’s writing is spot on with the reality of these gatherings.


Watching Paige’s Convention Vlogs

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a fan of Paige’s and that I LOVE her YouTube channel. She’s sincere, kind, encouraging and loads of fun! Her videos range from sharing about her creative projects to beauty/style to geeking out- and convention vlogs! I have to admit to being a little jealous of all the events she gets to go to… But at least we get to go along via video! ^^

The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love  – By Sarvenaz Tash

I’ve just started reading this, so I’m not sure how good it is yet… but so far I’m liking it. It’s about a guy, Graham, who is trying to plan the perfect weekend at New York Comic-Con in hopes that his best friend, Roxy, will fall in love with him.


Heroine Complex – By Sarah Kuhn

This is another one that I haven’t read, but do plan on getting to soon. It sounds/looks to me like it could work as a good superhero-fix.


Create a Pin Board for Hypothetical Artist Alley Booths

I dream of one day having my own booth, where I will sell my art prints and copies of my book(s). Having a table to decorate. Even though I’d be crazy nervous and shy, I also think it would be so cool to meet with people who look at my stuff. Just getting to be one of the “artists” would be amazing. One day… For now, though, I’ll just pin ideas and dream and aspire to create things to actually fill a table…


Gamer Girl – By Mari Mancusi


In Real Life – By Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang

It’s been a while since I’ve read either of these, but while they aren’t on the top of my list, they could be on yours if you’re a gamer.


Fangirl – By Rainbow Rowell

Just for the fangirl-feels and relatability. And because this book is wonderful and always deserves a reread.


DRAMACON – By Svetlana Chmakova

Once again, our main setting for this story is Con. I remember reading this manga trilogy years ago and really enjoying it- teenage drama and all! I’ll definitely have to check this out from my library again soon to see if it’s as good as I remember.

Dreaming Up Cosplay Ideas

Because I don’t actually have the coin to dress up. Still, I can imagine what I would be! What would I be…?😉


I’m always on the look out for more geeky reads- do you have any books to recommend?

Also, what would YOU cosplay as?

july 2016 favorites (& a small update)

favs july 2016 copy


My mom surprised me by bringing home a cupcake to share. It was “birthday cake” favored: white cake, buttercream frosting, and oh so delicious! It was my first treat from this cupcakery and (even though their prices are a bit high) I don’t think it will be my last! My sweet-tooth has become greatly curious as to what other flavors they have…




Some call it a weed, but this is one of my favorite wild, flowering plants. It has been humid and warm in my area, which must be the prime weather for these lacy-blooms because they’re everywhere! I love getting to see their pretty abundance while on my walks.


PSALM 46: 1-3

(NIV) “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, the the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.” 

(MSG) “God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him. We stand fearless at the cliff-edge of doom, courageous in seastorm and earthquake, Before the rush and roar of oceans, the tremors that shift mountains. Jacob-wrestling God fights for us, God-of-Angel-Armies protects us.”

Honestly, things have been kind of heavy lately. On top of the usual summertime craziness, there have been some added stresses to figure through. Creative plans I had made and been so eager to begin have been put aside… And it’s frustrating. Discouraging. Disheartening… I feel guilty at times for not being able to get back on track, but I also know how much I’ve been struggling to just keep my head above water. It’s been a weary couple of months. I’ve missed the creative rhythms I used to have, I’ve missed the schedules that helped me to better manage my anxiety, and I’ve missed YOU, dear readers… It’s hard to see how I’ll be able to get my footing again and I’ve found myself almost mourning my creative pursuits, which seem to have fallen away, fragmented and scattered…

So I’ve been trying to just CLING to my Protector, my Safe Place, my Refuge and Strength, my ever-present Helper… I need Him to get through this.

I’m sorry if this “update” is cryptic and vague. Really, I’m barely understanding these puzzles myself. But even though I’m not explaining everything fully, I did want to be honest here. I know there are other Creatives, Writers, Dreamers out there. I know that there might be a young woman reading this now who is just desperately seeking for a way, a place, a purpose, a hope… I just want to say to you: you’re not alone in your searching time. I’m there now. And we just have to keep going.

We are safe and protected, fearless and courageous- here before the rush and roar.


june 2016 favorites

favs 16.06 smlr

Fuzzy Pillow

A gift I received this month, this body pillow has a pretty robins egg blue design on it. Also, it’s SO SOFT. Cozy comfy. That’s all.


Exodus 33:14

“The LORD replied, ‘My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

This is one verse that I’ve been clinging to of late… He is my Helper. He’s always with me and calling me to lean on Him in faith…


“Finding Spiritual Whitespace” by Bonnie Gray

Dear readers- I stress. Much too much. I pile perfectionism on myself, beat myself up when I don’t feel I’ve done well enough and get discouraged about what could be – should be – shouldn’t be doing.

This book was a lovely invitation to breathe. Also, Bonnie opens up in a beautifully vulnerable way that just calls you (as the reader) to be honest with yourself. I was an encouragement to take it easy and not be so hard on myself. To take the time to just REST, to just be in Christ’s presence. It was a nudging to enjoy the simple things and make that rest time a priority. Those things (and many more besides) were such a refreshing take away from this book.

But I know that Rest is still something I need to practice at. It’s going to take some effort and dedication to figure out when/how to partake- especially now because…



I got a puppy! Almost a week to the day after loosing my dear hound, Sage, a new tail-wagger has come into my life. Helga came from a (not too near…) no-kill shelter. She is a lab-mix, two months old, and a little timid… Not too timid, however, about making her voice heard when she doesn’t like being in her crate at night. I’m going to be honest here: I am TIRED. But this little lady is a part of our family now and I’m sure we’ll grow to be great pals.

Do you want to see the adorables? Well, here she is! (Curtesy of my talented photo-taking mom.)

helga bw

birthstone book tag

This tag came from the lovely and talented Grace, who blogs at Fictionally. Thanks bunches for the fun tag!



Name a character that you think is evil/dark.

Is Voldemort too easy an answer? Or Umbridge. *shivers*



Name a book you think of as regal.

The “Grisha Trilogy” by Bardugo is a world that has poverty, but also some very lush, rich visuals that bring to mind royalty.



Name a character you think of as weak, or as more of a follower.

First off, I think being weak and being a follower can be two very different things. (Three cheers for sidekicks!) Because I just reread “Ottoline goes to School”, I think Mr Monroe is a follower, and sometimes even Ottoline. But they both also go their own way and have their own minds, sticking to decisions they think are right.



Name a book that you love, but isn’t very well know.

I read such a variety of genres, but a middle grade pick might be the Gilda Joyce books by Jennifer Allison.



Name two characters who balance each other out.

Truly, Jane and Vincent from the “Glamourist Histories” by Kowal make such a complimentary pair.


Name a character that is loyal.

Loyal friendships is something I really love about Karalius’ books: “Love Fortunes and Other Disasters” and “Love Charms and Other Catastrophes”. (I just read “Love Charms” recently and it was wonderfully whimsical.)



Name a book that aggravates you / makes your blood boil.

I won’t name a particular book, because it’s happened with several and I’m sure it will continue to happen with many more. I’m also sure that there will be a lot of people who disagree with me, but… there’s nothing so frustrating as reading and becoming invested in a story- when suddenly you’re slapped with a wave of something your beliefs disagree with. Our society has turned many things I don’t think are right into something to be accepted and even celebrated. It’s hard to navigate at times… I’ll admit that sometimes I do get frustrated with it, but mostly I’m disappointed and saddened by it.


Name a supporting character you preferred to the main character.

LUNA LOVEGOOD. Seriously, I dream of what her continued story would be…


Name a book that you found to be calming.

I know I sound like a broken record… But Chris Riddell’s “Goth Girl” and “Ottoline” books are my happy place.



Name a book with a pretty cover.

The “Selection Series” by Kass all have such pretty dresses on their covers (though I don’t feel they quite match the mood of the stories inside…) I liked the ORIGINAL cover for “Perfect Ruin” by DeStefano. I read “Debutantes” by Harrison is so girly and pretty. I recognized the same photo on the cover of “The Summer Garden” by Simons, which I have not read…


Name a book with a resilient protagonist.

Idk… I feel like i’m going for another obvious choice by choosing Katniss from the Hunger Games, but I guess she’s on my mind because I just watched the last movie recently. That girl needs a vacation and some happy times.


Name a fictional friendship you would love to be a part of.

The Bennet sisters (Austen) or the Penderwick sisters (Bridsall)… I think I just want sisters (I already have brothers). I’m very curious about the “Fifth Avenue Artists Society”. That’s another book with a GREAT cover…


Thanks again, Grace, for the tag! It was a little challenging, but fun!

Anyone who wants to join in- feel free! ^^

may 2016 favorites

2016.05 favs smlr


The green coating of this candy-waffer had me hesitant, but after the first nibble I was in LOVE. Not tasting much at all like your ordinary KitKat, this smooth, lightly bitter but mostly sweet Japanese variety treat is a new-to-me flavor that I already deem a crowned favorite. Too bad I only got to try one through someone with “connections” and I’ve no idea where to get more. Give me a break…



Donning my Captain America shield t-shirt (“To support my husband- wait, what? Did I say that out loud?”), I got to go see this movie with my younger brother. He It did not disappoint. The heroes were all great. I did go into the theater feeling a bit uncertain about some of the new characters (Panther, because he reminded me of Cat Woman. Spiderman because they changed the actor AGAIN?!) but I ended up really liking them all. The action was fun, though perhaps too light-hearted at times. I wondered if things felt a little too safe… but when it got to that last fight scene between three characters! GAH! I was all tensed in my seat, curling in on myself with concern and cringing. It was intense and EPIC. I loved it. I do have some thoughts about how things ended- how I want things to continue, but I don’t want to spoil anything… So I’ll just leave it at that and suggest you go see it yourself. Now.


On a sunny morning at the Town Garage Sale, I actually found some pretty good deals, coming away with several tops/cardigans at only a few bucks. Plus- this adorable rabbit duo that I just couldn’t say no to, therefore growing my warren collective.



Years ago, my mom and I watched all of this show together, one library copy after another. I don’t know that there is any other show so perfect to watch together with your mom. In my delight over the reboot (and my pouting that I don’t have Netflix) I’ve been re-watching this beloved series, my mom joining in. It’s just a good as the first time. Just a quirky, sweet, cute and just as much mom-daughter-friendship-feels.



Just looking forward to the Coming Together and living in that New Place with Him… (I’ve also been re-listening to episodes 42 and 43 of the Rabbit Room Podcast, which gives some great, stirring commentary on the New Creation.)



She was a lab-mix, black with fleck of grey on her toes and flecks of tan on her cheeks. She barked. A LOT. She slept with me until she couldn’t climb the stairs. She went on my walks with me until her legs were too weak. Then she would lay at the end of the drive, waiting for me to come back. She was my growling protector. She was my Hound. My company and pal of more than eleven years… She’s not limping anymore and I’m glad she’s not in any pain. But I miss her…

the power of words tag

Thanks for the tag, Alex! Ah, for the love of words! ^^


Thank the person who nominated you and give a link to their blog.

Answer the original 6 text-themed questions.

Add a typography/word-related question of your own for those you tagged to answer. 

Tag 6+ bloggers and let them know.

Include these rules in your post. 

from pinterest

1. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

My favorites to write would have to be G, K, N, R, U…

In general… for some reason I’ve had a liking for the letter V lately… It’s in a love of words that I like: Adventure, lavender, beloved…

2. What are three words you love?

Lately, one has been the cheerful and colorful word : Canary

Eucharisteo is another one, though it’s one that is hard to remember how to spell (or even pronounce…)

I like dessert words that have a “C/K” sound to them like Cake or Biscuit or Cobbler… You can almost taste their rich goodness. ^^

3. What are three words you hate.

One with a V that I loath is Vomit. Ugh.

I don’t exactly hate the word Shrapnel, but it weirds me out for some reason. (Are they just saying “scrap metal” all blurred together?)

Failure is a word I hate to entertain.

4. If you were to create a word, what would it be and what would it describe?

I don’t know what the words would actually be, but there should be words describing the different strengths of tea. Is there a word for that special morning-quiet?

5. What are your three favorite punctuation marks?

I’m not sure all of these count, but…

~ always seems kind of happy or sing-song-ie.

The makes me look forward to what’s said next or can create such fun word-groupings.

? just looks fun. So does & with all those loopings.

6. What are three of your favorite fonts?

Avenir, Baskerville, Chanticleer Roman, Packard Antique, Tanglewood Tales, Little Lord Fontleroy, Coventry Garden…

7. Alex’s question: Do you know of a word that looks better than it sounds?

This is a tough one… Clotted? Gang? Hanger?

Mirage sounds more fun than it looks.

I’m just going to leave this tag as a free-for-all and any who would like to join in!

My #7 question for you is: What is a word you’ve had most trouble learning to spell? 

begging bbc…

It’s no secret here how much I obsess over adore with my complete being love the “Glamourist Histories” by Mary Robinette Kowal. With the charm of a classic, beautiful writing that sweeps you off your feet, fantasy that delights and an intelligence that pulls you into the stories, these books are among my favorite.

I’ve been rereading through the series of late to gear up for the fifth and final installment (which, I must admit I’ve not yet read). Falling for Kowal’s skillful world-building and cherishing again her cast of characters, I’ve (again) found myself longing desperately for a screen adaption. I’ve always thought this collection of books would work well as a series and after seeing BBC’s “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” some time back I became even more convinced of the network’s fantastical capabilities.

Production from BBC’s “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”

But until producers see the light and genius of this idea, I’m left to imagine the possibilities and daydream over who I would cast. Today, I thought I would explore a few of those ideas…



Our leading lady is described as not-so-pretty and bearing a prominent nose… While I Kelly is gorgeous, I think she would be able to play a less-obvious-beauty of deeper talent and intelligence. Yes. I think she would be excellent. (Though she would have to change up her Scottish accent for an English one…)

A second actress I wondered over for the part of Jane was Anna Maxwell Martin.


I’ll admit that one reason my mind went to her is because of how much I loved her as Luna in HP. But not only do I just want to see Evanna in something else- she would fit the part of Melody quite wonderfully! She really seems to have similar features of her “older sister, Jane”, but with a sweeter or more innocent softness.


Casting Jane and Melody’s parents was something I wasn’t sure I could think of at first- but then Alan Rickman suddenly came to mind to play Mr Ellsworth. Immediately I imagined how perfect he would be as that strong, wise, loving father figure. And then, of course, I remembered the sad truth that Mr Rickman is no longer with us… Still, this actor would’ve made a handsome match for this character.


This option seems almost too obvious, but it does sort of fit. Tall, dark, brooding… We saw him act in a similar mood in the movie “Jane Eyre”.

But I also thought of another option that could maybe have possibilities and is so less obvious:


I know he’s a little younger and seems so… cheerful. But I like this actor and I would be curious to see if he could pull off “brooding” or grumpy. I think he would bring a different sort of tension to the role than Fassbender… I guess what would matter most is that there was chemistry between the actors.

Well, that’s my list of ideas! Seeing this show on screen would truly be a dream come true for me. Here’s hoping… ^^